SHOPA Edu works on two fields:


We organise dedicated workshops for companies and institutions, during which experienced trainers will show you how to think and act creatively, to achieve success.

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We offer universities and education institutions the complete teaching and learning processes in the field of design thinking and related services, from the creation of syllabuses, by providing activities and materials to pass classes. Read more

We provide unique expertise, acquired in such places as
the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford, Aalto Design Factory
and DT Lab for Design Thinkers in Tromso, Norway

SHOPA Training

We teach how to use design thinking, regardless of industry.

We offers 2 or 4-day
as well as
customised trainings.

Our offer is addressed to businesses, institutions, government entities and government, wanting to look differently at their daily challenges and try to solve them in an unusual way, thus achieving unprecedented results. Each of our training packages, in addition to the training, also includes support for the trainer after the training and the possibility of further cooperation through, among others, dedicated consultations.

SHOPA Teaching

Innovation in the educational process. We introduce design thinking in education programs in higher education.

Our activities in the area of ​​teaching accelerates the creation of innovative academic environment, which is based on tools Design Thinking methodology. In carrying out projects for companies we turn on the students to the team. Implementing educational project DiamonDT, we are working on:

  • prepare students to function effectively in work and everyday life,
  • they equip students with the cross-cutting knowledge, skills and experience,
  • to work out a new path of education, which is based on the methodology of Design Thinking, learning based on practice and solving real problems, where the learning process is a consequence of "action" and solve real problems for students enterprises.

We teach how to use
the methodology of design thinking

Do you want DT training for your team? Contact us:

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